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Welcome to the next instalment of our #CIBSEYEA blog series.

The CIBSE Young Engineers Awards recognise and reward the innovative thinking, hard work and skills of graduate engineers, whilst also showcasing employers who are truly committed to developing and encouraging young talent.

These critical to the future of the sector Awards, delivered in partnership with CIBSE Patrons, are possible thanks to our dedicated sponsors and partners. 

Today, one of the established Award supporters, Kingspan Industrial Insulation, explain why supporting young engineers is vital to driving innovation and technology forward within the sector.

“It is a truly exciting time to be involved in our industry and we look forward to seeing another outstanding field of nominees at this year’s ceremony.”

Read their full account below. 

"Young engineers entering our profession today do so at a time of unprecedented change. Modern building services are required to perform to increasingly exacting standards and must be delivered faster and more efficiently than ever before. To meet these demands, the industry is looking to new approaches and technologies. The upcoming generation, with their enthusiasm and innate understanding of digital technology, will be vital in driving us all forward.

2018 CIBSE Young Engineers Award finalists delivering five-minute
presentations to the judging panel and an audience at the
Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London on Thursday 11 October 2018

There is no better example of the scale of the changes facing us than the Government’s decision to legally commit the country to ‘Net Zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. With heating in building and industry accounting for around a third of current emissions, our sector will be required to take a leading role in the response. At the same time, we must deal with the effects of the climate crisis that are already being felt, facing up to the increasing risk of overheating as summer heat waves become more frequent and intense.

It is a significant challenge and one that will shape the careers of many young people within our industry. Over the next three decades, we will need to radically alter not only how new buildings are created but also the performance of most existing properties. Kingspan Industrial Insulation is wholly committed to supporting the effort of current and future engineers in working towards making ‘Net Zero’ a reality.

Since Kingspan was founded in 1965, it has been our core mission to always work to make buildings better. Today, Kingspan Industrial Insulation manufactures premium pipe and ductwork solutions covering the full spectrum of building service applications. In our work, we are constantly looking to engage with both young and experienced building service engineers, providing detailed technical support on projects and working to better understand your needs and to develop innovative products which meet them.

The drive to achieve ‘Net Zero’ will require creativity and determination and because the climate crisis is real and urgent this all needs to begin today. 

That is why we are delighted to be able to sponsor events such as the CIBSE Young Engineer of the Year Award, which celebrate the impact young people can make, and are already making across our sector.

This influence has been clearly visible in the implementation and development of BIM technology within our industry. This technology is allowing significant efficiencies to be achieved and, through improved design certainty and clash detection, is supporting the growth in offsite methods which promise to further streamline working processes. We’re only at the start of realising the full potential of BIM and the benefits of offsite methods. The next generation must lead the charge in these efforts, finding the next leaps forward and embracing the latest digital developments.  

It is a truly exciting time to be involved in our industry and we look forward to seeing another outstanding field of nominees at this year’s ceremony."


About the Awards

There are two categories:

CIBSE Employer of the Year Award
CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year Award

2019 entries are now closed. Thank you for all your interest and participation. 

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We look forward to hosting the 2019 Awards finalists at the exclusive Awards Dinner on Thursday, 10th October in London.

If you have any questions regarding the Awards, please contact us at


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