"I am helping to lead and support a wide range of industry initiatives" - #IamCIBSE

I am a Regional Sales Manager at Lochinvar Limited

I am a CIBSE Patrons Committee Member

I am helping to lead and support a wide range of industry initiatives

Scott Mason is the Southern Regional Sales Manager and Central London Specification at Lochinvar Limited. He also sits as a member on the CIBSE Patrons Steering Committee. We spoke to Scott about the work of CIBSE Patrons and the benefits of being involved with them.

How did you come to work in the building services industry and what made you decide to do so?
I wasn’t very academic as a student; at the time I found myself easily distracted and as a result received poor A Level results. I decided to get an apprenticeship, and I was lucky enough to end up working for Lochinvar Limited studying an “Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering” when Lochinvar supported my education through to degree level.

On being involved with CIBSE….
My involvement with CIBSE has provided an incredible platform that has allowed me to stand out, excel and achieve. My nomination for the (2015) CIBSE Graduate of the Year Award, was I believe ’a first’, in terms of it being the first time a representative from a Manufacturer had been nominated as a finalist and also achieved a runner-up award. The opportunity to showcase my knowledge and vision, helped me to become noticed within the industry in general. The networking opportunities CIBSE presents are invaluable and it has really helped me to find a sense of community within the building services industry.

On CIBSE Patrons…
The Patrons are effectively the corporate supporters of CIBSE. The diverse range of membership within CIBSE Patrons allows us as a group to contribute financial and technical backing to a wide range of initiatives. I was invited to the steering committee by David Fitzpatrick, who I had met at various events including the Young Engineers Awards and Build2Perform. The former Lochinvar Managing Director and CIBSE Board Member, David Pepper, also encouraged me to be actively involved.
CIBSE Patrons have a host of outstanding initiatives that they lead themselves, and other great events/functions that they support:
  • The Young Engineers Awards is a fantastic initiative, aimed at nurturing, recognising and growing fresh talent in our industry.
  • The House of Lords Lunch is a great event that usually features a high-level speaker and provides an excellent environment for networking. 
  • We also helped to shape the CIBSE Knowledge Portal, and we are involved heavily with CIBSE Services (the commercial arm of CIBSE).
CIBSE is an institution for individual members and Patrons provides the platform for company involvement, which has a positive impact in terms of overall planning and execution of initiatives.

What advice would you give to someone considering getting involved with CIBSE?

Don’t hesitate, put yourself out there and get involved. It’s easy to let opportunities and events that land outside of the regular working day pass you by, but if you invest your time and make sure you are actively involved, it’s likely that you will get back ten-fold what you put in.
It’s a fantastic, welcoming environment that extends a range of opportunities that, if you are willing to work for, can help you to excel in your chosen path of building services engineering.

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