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The EU’s F-gas regulations are aimed at limiting their application and consequent emissions. Mike Nankivell, Chairman of the ACRIB F-gas group , gave a presentation on the latest update to the F-gas regulations at the recent CIBSE Building Performance Conference. Here he summarises the potential impacts of the latest revisions. Although a year has passed since the government introduced tighter regulations on the use of Fluorinated gases (F-gases) to comply with EU’s F-gas regulations, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is still struggling to come to terms with the impact of the latest changes. The latest (2015) revisions to the F-gas rules strengthened existing measures in relation to containment, recovery, certification and sale of F-gases; introduces additional bans on usage; a ban the servicing of certain equipment with high global warming potential (GWP) F-gases; and more critically, a phase down of HFCs in the EU to 21% of a 2014 baseline by 2030. The revisions ar

Drum-roll, please...

Announcing the arrival of a new feature designed to make shouting about building performance easier, CIBSE Communications Executive Matt Snowden introduces the shiny new CIBSE hashtag #Build2Perform , and explains what it's designed to do. We have an exciting new development we’re introducing here at CIBSE, and I have written a short blog on the topic for you to introduce you all to our new hashtag: #Build2Perform Building performance is at the heart of what CIBSE does, and we’re passionate about giving building services professionals the tools they need to create the next generation of high performing buildings. We believe that through the work that CIBSE does by training and certifying professionals, carrying out research, producing knowledge, giving awards and speaking out in the press, we are  helping to bring a world of high performing buildings to reality. Innovative new ideas are key to future building performance As built environment professionals, you a

Taking strides

Despite great advancements in the last 30 years, women in building services engineering and the engineering industry in general often struggle to get their start, and then to move forward in their profession. This week Laura Dunlop, Chair of the Women in Building Services Engineering group , turns the spotlight onto the group working to change the status quo and help women to advance in the sector WiBSE’s vision is to inspire the next generation and create the support network that will enable more women to join, stay and progress within our industry and institution. This makes us rather an unusual CIBSE group, as our ultimate aim is to create a situation where we don't need to exist: we have defined a finite remit to render the group unnecessary as gender disparity issues are ironed out. As well as organising events that bring people together and help towards achieving  our vision, our volunteers speak at educational events and get involved in cross institute events and networ