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Day in the life of a Building Performance Awards Judge

Written by Susie Diamond, Founding Partner at Inkling and CIBSE Awards 2015 Judge This is the third year running that I've had the privilege of judging the CIBSE Building Performance Awards. Having worked in building physics since 2000 I have learnt a thing or two about energy performance in buildings, and it's nice to put that experience into my judging role. The best bit for me is reading about teams that have worked hard to find really elegant solutions, and seeing them rewarded with a prize. The judging does use up about three working days of my time reading through all the entries, doing my private marking and then thrashing out the final winners with the other judges on our judging day, but I have enjoyed the process a great deal each time, and then there's the perk of a ticket to the awards evening itself! I am a founding partner at Inkling. We are a building physics consultancy working with a wide variety of clients and projects so our days are surpr

Facilities managers at the heart of improved building performance

Written by Geoff Prudence Chair of the CIBSE Facilities Management Group and judge of the Building Performance Awards 2015 I am really excited about being involved with the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2015 as a member of the judging panel and look forward to seeing best practice in the Facilities Management Operations category. A category that rewards the individuals and teams that are at the very heart of delivering improved building performance – the facilities managers. I feel strongly that FM professionals should be involved at the earliest stages of a building’s design, so that the best possible operational efficiencies can be achieved over its life-cycle. After all, who knows better than the facilities management team about the costs and effectiveness of different maintenance strategies and the effect that system choice has on these? BIM should help to bring about more effective design and more effective construction, but the real opportunity – and what will pro