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CIBSE HQ: A commercial Green Deal Story - Part 1

This blog will be used by CIBSE members and volunteers to discuss the big topics affecting the built environment. In the first of a series of posts, CIBSE Financial and Services Director  Stewart Gilmour describes the experience of undertaking a commercial Green Deal assessment at CIBSE's offices in Balham : Having been inspired by Sophie Pelsmaker’s “My Green Deal Journey”   I am going to follow it up with the CIBSE HQ story. With so many people unaware that the Green Deal (GD) is available to non-domestic customers,  CIBSE has decided to undertake a commercial Green Deal assessment on its own buildings to test how efficiently they are working and hopefully improve their energy performance. Choosing a Green Deal Advice Organisation As CIBSE Certification * is a Green Deal Certification body we did not need to navigate the Gemserv website to find an organisation able to carry out the work, and we were able to go straight to the trusted and well qualified organisation.  At