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A Career in Technical Sales

As part of our  Career in Building Services  series, today we meet  Mohammad Masud  from CIBSE Young Engineers Network (YEN) UAE, who is discussing Technical Sales within his region. If you have any questions about this career path, please contact YEN at  or the Young Energy Performance Group at Masud graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has a post graduation in Industrial & Production Engineering, both from Aligarh Muslim University. He joined Faisal Jassim Trading Co as an Application Engineer in 2016 and had been working in Technical Sales for the past three years. Masud serves as Education Officer on the CIBSE YEN UAE Committee, helping to engage university students with CIBSE YEN through events and discussion. What do Sales Engineers do?  Technical Sales by virtue of an engineered product is quite different from normal sales. The aim is to provide a solution to an engineering problem, so in addition to the art of selling, Technical Sales E

A Career as a Sustainability Engineer

As part of our Career in Building Services  series, today we meet Sundara Gurushev from CIBSE Young Engineers Network (YEN) UAE, who is discussing the role of sustainability in the building services engineering industry. If you have any questions about this career path, please contact YEN at or the Young Energy Performance Group at Sundara Gurushev finished her Bachelor in Architecture degree from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai in 2019. She recently joined the AESG Team in Dubai as a Sustainability Coordinator. In her spare time, she volunteers with the World Green Building Council and her university’s Solar Decathlon Team. Sundara serves as a Technical Officer with the CIBSE Young Engineers Network – UAE Region. What do Sustainability Engineers do? Typically, Sustainability Engineers work on ensuring that projects are in compliance with green building codes and the regulations that are mandated by different green building councils and loc

A Career as a Performance Engineer

  Oli has been working in the built environment for around five years. He started straight after university and is currently working towards chartership with CIBSE. Now working as a Performance Engineer at Hoare Lea, Oli is focused on reducing carbon emissions by improving the performance of homes, offices, and educational buildings throughout the UK. Oli is also the committee secretary for the CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group (YEPG) , supporting the ongoing events and the organisation of the group. Who are Performance Engineers? Performance engineering is an emerging role in the built environment that exists to close the commonly talked about “performance gap”. A Performance Engineers’ job is to ensure that a building is performing as well in reality as it was designed to. How well a building is designed to perform can be measured in many ways. It can be in terms of energy consumption, thermal comfort, lighting levels – whatever is important to the users of the building. Tell us a