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Educating on energy efficiency

GEA ConsultingLimited are registered Low Carbon Consultants and Low Carbon Energy Assessors and specialise in the provision of climate change consultancy, carbon reduction management, energy audits/surveys and Display Energy Certificates. They have been working with local schools to share tips on energy efficiency and to help students understand the importance and benefits of reducing demand. Research shows that pupils who are empowered to take action on energy become more positive towards environmental issues. In this guest post, GEA share some of their tips and resources. Growing Up Green Businesses across all sectors are increasingly focussed on energy reduction; not only for the obvious cost saving benefits, but also in achieving their corporate social responsibility strategies. But what about Schools? Reducing energy use has many advantages for schools: it of course saves money and reduces carbon emissions but also improves the learning environment and can

How BIM is recognised by the CIBSE Building Performance Awards

Written by Hywel Davies, CIBSE Technical Director and Chair of the Building Performance Awards Judging Panel Some feedback from our members on the CIBSE Building Performance Awards (BPA) suggests a wish for a Building Information Modelling (BIM) award. On the face of it, with everyone talking about BIM, that would be an obvious winner. But on reflection, is it as easy as all that? What are the criteria for a "BIM Award"? Attractive 3D images? Entrants who say that they are using Level 2 BIM? Arguably, with government still developing the standards and protocols needed for Level 2 BIM nobody can be doing level 2 BIM yet.  BIM is about helping to produce buildings that work better for the owners, occupiers and even those who buy or use the products or services generated in the building. Or else BIM is about enabling better or more effective creation and management of built environment assets over the whole life. So at what point in the life of an asset that has been p