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Build2Perform Insider: The Importance of a Quality Lit Environment

This year's Build2Perform Live programme covers a wide range of themes for built environment professionals. In this week's blog, we speak to SLL Co-ordinator, Juliet Rennie on the sessions taking place around lighting across the two days. Not yet registered? Book your free place at Build2Perform today

The Importance of a Quality Lit Environmentby Juliet Rennie, SLL Co-ordinator, CIBSE

We’re living in uncertain times and our working lives face rapid transformation in the face of technological advances and political upheaval. There is an even greater need for cross industry collaboration whether in relation to building controls, fire safety, quality indoor environments or maintenance. Build2Perform provides an excellent opportunity for us to reach beyond the lighting industry, to emphasise the importance of a quality lit environment, alongside the other aspects of building services. We are delighted to see such a range of topics covered in the Build2Perform programme, including a …

Creating a positive learning experience: the online learning user journey

By Kathrine McMillan,Training Administrator 

Learning should be an exciting journey. However, sometimes it feels like a chore and people avoid spending time on it. 

I didn’t want this to be the case with our CIBSE online learning modules, so together with the training team, we aimed to create an interactive journey for our users and avoid giving them any reason to yawn due to boredom. 

Our CIBSE online learning modules are designed to be engaging. We added interactive elements such as quiz questions to the content. Making mistakes is a way of learning, but it is also important to know why something is wrong. That is why our modules link back to the relevant topic if a question is answered incorrectly.

Our updates also focus on making the content easier to read; breaking down topics into sub-topics, improving the flow and making it more organised and memorable.

Have you tried our online learning modules? They offer you a learning experience worth your time with no bored yawns, just smiles a…

CIBSE Inclusivity Panel: “If you build it, they will come”

by Mikhal Ahmed, Associate - Arup

CIBSE’s Inclusivity Panel recently published a set of guidelines to help our members get to grips with a complex but important topic: inclusion. The idea of wanting to treat our colleagues, clients, and industry partners more fairly should be easy to get behind, but practical implementation is a different matter. The guidelines were put together for exactly that reason, and communication is tackled first. 
Imagine you’re attending a design team meeting with three colleagues for a new office building project. Try to picture it for a second. Now I’ll ask you to imagine you’re there with your colleagues; James, Tom, and Alex. Can you see them in your mind’s eye?

Now imagine your colleagues are called Fatima, Eniola, and Lakshmi instead. Was one of those scenarios easier to imagine than the other? Depending on where you work, possibly. But in the context of our industry, the chances that you are working with an all-female team of MEP engineers who are all me…

Build2Perform Insider: Collaborating for sustainable performance

With less than one month to go until Build2Perform Live, we spoke to Mat Lown running the Optimising Facilities and Property Managementsession, taking place on Tuesday 26 November at 10.50. 
Collaborating for sustainable performanceBy Mat Lown, Partner, TFT 

Sustainable buildings are often thought of in terms of material used in construction and energy efficiency in operation. Less emphasis is given to the significant contribution of building services, specifically how their performance can be optimised to prolong their life and better cater for future change in our climate and occupiers’ requirements.

Standard practice currently splits responsibility and organises maintenance in silos, resulting in a disconnection between the work of surveyors, engineers, facility and property managers. I head up TFT’s Sustainability Consultancy, which works with all manner of technical specialists to reveal where better efficiency and outcomes can be found across a building’s life.

When it comes to bu…

Build2Perform Insider: Two Profound Revolutions = One Exciting Profession

CIBSE Build2Perform Live's programme is now online and is designed by leading experts to equip you with a mix of case studies, in-depth technical analysis, practical take-aways and insight to keep you ahead of the curve as a modern built environment professional. Over the upcoming weeks, we will be exploring some of the sessions featured at this year’s event.
This week, we will hear directly from Tom Randall, Chair of “Are we in Control?”session, taking place on Tuesday, 26 November at 14:30. 
Two Profound Revolutions = One Exciting ProfessionByTom Randall, Head of Building Optimisation Services, Verco United Kingdom
We are in the middle of environmental and technological revolutions, and both have profound implications for many professions, including those in buildings and building services.

While Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg are raising the issue publically, the hard nose of corporate investment is also very clear on what is needed. Larry Fink, the CEO and Chairman of Bla…

How to achieve the CIBSE Associate or Member grade in 2020

The next UK closing date for membership applications at the Associate and Member grade is 1 Feb 2020.Follow our guide below to ensure that you have everything organised in time for the upcoming deadline.  October - Get Prepared Download the application documentation, criteria and guidance for the Associate or Member grade.Join a webinar or membership briefing to understand the application process and requirements. 

November / December - Start Writing Review your career to date and start writing down examples which demonstrate how you meet each of the competence criteria. Attend our Membership Application Workshop, run by CIBSE Interviewers themselves and designed to get you started on your Engineering Practice Report. (We run these through Nov - Dec) 

January - Ask for Feedback Once your application is drafted, ask your sponsor to review and give feedback on what you have written. They will need to sign off your entire application and complete part of t…

Get to know your trainers: Geoff Prudence, Effective Management of Operational Risk in Buildings trainer

The 'Get to know your trainers' series continues. Meet the trainer behind the new CIBSE training course, Effective Management of Operational Risk in Buildings:

Full name: Geoff Prudence C.Eng FCIBSE FRICS FIWFM MIoD Areas of expertise: Design/Ops Impact, Maintenance Strategies, Effective Operational Risk Management, Leadership and Management Development. CIBSE Trainer since: 2019

Tell us a little about yourself I have been in the industry over 40 years private and public industry, including the banking sector, critical environments, large property portfolios, Transport/Rail Infrastructure, Local Authorities, District /Regional Government and the Education sector, with particular emphasis in recent years with leading change and business transformation. I have been active within CIBSE over 25 years, including being Chair of CIBSE Facilities Management.
What made you become a CIBSE trainer? I have been a Director and senior level Tutor/Coach for many years within industry. I believe CIB…

Get to know your trainers: Martin Woolley, Essentials of Electrical Systems and Safety Awareness trainer

Meet the trainer behind the new CIBSE training course,Essentials of Electrical Systems and Safety Awareness:
Full name: Martin Woolley Areas of expertise: Electrical and Mechanical services CIBSE Trainer since: 2019
Tell us a little about yourself:  I have over forty years of experience within the building services industry, which includes both industry practice and teaching and training. I still try and play squash regularly but on a social basis now. I have two lovely grandchildren who also keep me on my toes.
What made you become a CIBSE trainer? I was made redundant from my last industry role and I still want to pass on my knowledge and experience to the engineers of the future. I also believe that the courses offered by CIBSE are high class and very informative.
As a new trainer, what are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to meeting a diverse range of course delegates and, as well as passing on my knowledge and experience to them; also learning from their experiences too.…

An interview with... Carl Collins, the author of ‘DE8: Project Information Requirements’

On the release of the new online learning module: ‘DE8: Project Information Requirements’, CIBSE Training spoke to the author of the module, Carl Collins (Head of Digital Engineering at CIBSE), to find out whyProject Information Requirements are fundamental to best practice BIM.

CIBSE Training: What does the term ‘Project Information Requirements’ refer to? Carl Collins: The term Project Information Requirements (PIR) is a fairly recent reinvention of the Plain Language Questions (PLQs), these terms are interchangeable.
CT: Is the knowledge of ‘Project Information Requirements’ required by the laws and regulations? CC: The use of PIR documents is not required under the UK Government BIM Level 2 mandate, but it will make the generation of the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR)* a simpler process for the employer or their representative.
CT: Following on from the previous question, could you please detail what you mean by “a simpler process for the employer or their representative”? C…

"Giving back to the industry will give back to you, in strange and interesting ways you weren’t expecting" - #IamCIBSE

I am a Mechanical Engineer I am the CIBSE Yorkshire and YEN Yorkshire Vice Chair

I am giving back to the building services industry
Raymond Knights LCIBSE EngTech is a Mechanical Engineer at FHPP, as well as Vice Chair for the CIBSE Yorkshire Region and Young Engineers Network (YEN) in Yorkshire. We asked him to tell his story on how he entered the building services industry and what it’s like supporting the CIBSE Yorkshire region.
On getting into building services…. I fell into the building services industry by complete accident. I spent a year working on a building site as a site operative. As I was working directly for the main contractor, I worked with nearly every trade on site in some capacity and was introduced to most aspects of site life. I really enjoyed this job and decided I would pursue a career in construction.

From here I went into Leeds College of Building looking at Apprentice routes. By chance I ended up speaking with the course leader for the Building Services Engineeri…

"The CIBSE Building Performance Awards provide an invaluable beacon that others can use to light their way" - Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO, Better Building Partnership

For the first time in a long time, Climate Change seems to have a sustained presence in the headlines. The scientific evidence is overwhelming and as the physical impacts become ever more apparent, a wide range of stakeholders are beginning to acknowledge the risks and opportunities associated with addressing climate change.  
In the real estate sector, we continue to highlight the oft-quoted statistic that buildings are responsible for c40% of the UK's carbon emissions and yet evidence from CIBSE and the Better Buildings Partnership amongst others continues to highlight both the gap between the predicted performance of new buildings and their actual performance in use, and the huge inefficiencies in portfolios of existing buildings. This is why the CIBSE Building Performance Awards are so important to our industry.  
The clue is in the title. The BPA are one of the only awards that require submissions to include evidence of performance in use. This evidence is scrutinised closely b…