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Moving to electric vehicles

There is no denying that electric vehicles (EVs) are now hitting the mainstream, in terms of  public acceptance and prominence. Indeed, EVs are nothing new and have been around in various guises. Many early vehicle manufacturers, including Henry Ford and Ferdinand Porsche, experimented with electric vehicles in the late 1800s and early 1900s as they were favourably received, particularly in cities where journeys were typically short. Unfortunately, battery costs made them prohibitive in comparison to combustion vehicles, which were also gaining prevalence due to the abundance of crude oil reserves being discovered. Eventually, the EV was consigned to golf carts and milk floats until relatively recently.
There are several factors driving the recent momentum in EVs, including climate change acceptance, new legislation and the rapid advance of technological innovation, providing economies of scale and leading to more general affordability.  The choice of electric vehicles has increased a…

How does the CIBSE Technical Symposium build confidence for its participants: An inspiring account from a long-term attendee of #CIBSEsymposium

By Dr Eleonora Brembilla, Research Associate, Loughborough University, Loughborough

My name is Eleonora Brembilla and I work as a Research Associate at Loughborough University. My current project is funded by CIBSE and it is looking at how to improve the quality of solar radiation data that most building engineers use when running annual and dynamic simulations. It’s a very interesting project to work on, especially after I discovered that there is a lot of space for improvement!

From early on in my PhD studies, I started participating at national and international conferences and I am really appreciative of their value for young researchers and practitioners. I believe that sector events, be in conferences or symposia, bring your confidence level right back where it should be: if you feel too cocky about your work, you’ll surely find some gurus from your field that will make you realise how much is still there for you to learn; on the other hand, if you feel a bit demotivated and not q…

Improving workplace productivity by optimising the indoor environment #CIBSEsymposium

By Professor Rajat Gupta, Director of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, Principal Investigator of WLP+ project, Oxford Brookes University

Improving workplace productivity by optimising the indoor environment  

Productivity levels in the UK are known to lag behind those of other leading economies. The Office for National Statistics has found that the average UK worker is 26% less productive than a German worker and 23% less so than an American worker. This productivity gap can be attributed to economic factors (e.g. poor investment, inefficient processes), but also human factors such as stress, health and comfort.

We instinctively know that poor office conditions lead to dissatisfied, unproductive and unwell building occupants. However, until now the relationship between indoor environmental conditions and productivity has been largely studied in the laboratory. New research findings have demonstrated how improvements to our indoor environment at work could help improve wo…

"I am helping to improve diversity and social mobility in the industry" - #IamCIBSE

I am a Business Development GraduateI am on the CIBSE Careers PanelI am helping to improve diversity and social mobility in the industry 
Abigail Roberts is a Business Development Graduate at Colt International Ltd and sits on the CIBSE Careers Panel and YEN London Committee. As part of the #IamCIBSE campaign, we spoke to her about the work she has been doing to support the building services industry. 
I work as a Business Development Graduate for a specialist contractor which designs, manufactures and installs smoke ventilation and natural ventilation systems. I have been heavily involved with developing the natural ventilation aspect of the business and devising the company’s sustainability strategy, whilst also developing key relationships with architects, consultants and contractors. With a background in environment and sustainability, I have always had an interest in how this can be applied within construction. For manufacturers, there is a responsibility to consider how we adopt b…