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How to achieve the CIBSE Associate or Member grade in 2020

The next UK closing date for membership applications at the Associate and Member grade is 1 Feb 2020.Follow our guide below to ensure that you have everything organised in time for the upcoming deadline.  October - Get Prepared Download the application documentation, criteria and guidance for the Associate or Member grade.Join a webinar or membership briefing to understand the application process and requirements. 

November / December - Start Writing Review your career to date and start writing down examples which demonstrate how you meet each of the competence criteria. Attend our Membership Application Workshop, run by CIBSE Interviewers themselves and designed to get you started on your Engineering Practice Report. (We run these through Nov - Dec) 
January - Ask for Feedback Once your application is drafted, ask your sponsor to review and give feedback on what you have written. They will need to sign off your entire application and complete part of t…