Focusing on your priorities

Throughout your working day, you may often get the feeling that every task is both important and urgent, but stop and ask yourself are they all truly a priority?
It's essential that you're able to identify, amongst the various tasks that make up your workload, the ones that must be done immediately, those that can be delayed, and any which can be delegated or even dropped, meaning you must have the ability to prioritise.
The CIBSE Training Team has come up with 5 top tips, which will aid you in planning your tasks by focusing on your priorities, providing you with practical strategies to help avoid time management issues.
5 Top Tips: Always start with your most important tasks fitting in the more minor ones around them.Group similar tasks together to be efficient and save yourself time.Avoid delaying an important task until it then becomes urgent.Don't interrupt yourself by following all the way through with tasks.Plan tomorrow's tasks at the end of today in order to avoid…

Increasing your productivity in a fast-paced world

Do you often feel rushed by urgent circumstances, quick changes and unforeseen events?

In a workplace where everything seems instant and management expect results almost immediately it's essential to learn from past experience then ensure sufficient time to complete your workload.

The CIBSE Training Team has come up with five top tips to help you improve your time management and define the mindset necessary to deal with productivity concerns.

5 Top Tips:
Schedule appointments in the calendar for your own workload, not just meetings, to ensure there's time for it to get done.Set aside time in your calendar to deal with the inevitable random unforeseen events.Avoid having multiple icons randomly spread around your desktop, keep them in folders instead, to save yourself time when looking for files.Think of your workload in terms of clusters of similar tasks split up throughout the day, rather than one by one, in order to not overwhelm yourself.Be proactive rather than reactive.By imp…

CIBSE in schools: How your expertise can help children

James Collins is an Operations Manager for a national M&E Contractor and a school governor in Wistow, Yorkshire. James became a school governor using the free governor recruitment service provided by educational charity Governors for Schools. Here he talks about why he decided to get involved, and how his experience as a Building Services Engineer is making a difference to children in his community.

Giving back through skilled volunteering As an Operations Manager, the nature of my job is all about the assessment of costs, risks, projecting and forecasting – a lot of which is what governors are there to do.
I’d never stopped and thought about how a school is run before I became a governor, and I think that’s the case for a lot of people. Running a school is so much more than teaching children in a classroom. It’s about absolutely everything to do with the school – which is why schools need the support from people in a variety of fields.
After staffing costs, many schools’ bigges…

Heatwaves - CIBSE champions better performance in homes - by Dr Anastasia Mylona

This is proving to be a long, hot summer. Wales and Northern Ireland have experienced their warmest June on record, July saw temperatures reach a record level for 2018 of 35.3 degrees in Faversham, Kent, and the Met Office is forecasting a return of heatwave conditions for early August. Prolonged high temperatures, with warm nights, can have adverse effects on the health of some people, particularly older people, young children and those with long-term health conditions. As high temperatures become more prevalent, the average number of heat-related deaths in the UK could potentially more than treble to 7,000 a year by the mid-century, unless the government promotes action to help make our buildings, cities and infrastructure more comfortable and resilient.
On 26 July, as the temperature was soaring to its record level 

in Faversham, the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) coincidentally published the report of an inquiry it carried out this year into the impact of high temperatures. The…

My path to engineering - Holly Farrow, CIBSE Patrons Arkwright Scholar

My journey into engineering began with my application to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship in Year 11. The Scholarships are awarded to 16 year old students who are interested in an engineering-based career, and seek to support the next generation of leaders in ‘engineering, computing and technical design’.
Over the Christmas holidays, I completed an online application outlining my achievements and projects so far. I wrote about the chair I had designed and made with 52 biscuit joints and 9 sets of dovetails, and how the process had challenged my problem solving abilities. I also wrote about my interests in the backstage management of school productions, and the different sets and stages I helped to build.
The application asked for examples of where I had shown leadership, so I wrote about a Christmas wreath making session I ran whilst volunteering at a local youth club. The application encouraged me to ask myself where I had shown creativity, leadership and practical ability. …

Graduate of the Year 2017 Winner Raphael Amajuoyi shares his story

What would you tell employers are the most important things about attracting, inspiring and engaging graduate engineers?

I believe that we all aspire to be “better tomorrow than we are today” and this is instrumental when looking to start a career. The most important thing for employers to attract young talent would be to meet this aspiration by offering opportunities for growth and fostering a continual development culture.

What do you remember about the evening?
The CIBSE graduate of the year 2017 awards evening was a very special one for me. It’s very hard to find one word or sentence that summarises the experience because there was a lot to take in. Arriving at the IMechE around 16:00 for protocol briefing, meeting the competition whilst trying to suppress the nerves was the biggest challenge of the evening for me.
I remember getting ready for my mic-check and staring into the empty auditorium hoping that I would be able to deliver my presentation as I had done several times in the m…

Employer of the Year 2017 InTandem share their story

Initially we believed that these Awards were for other people, however, InTandem was encouraged to apply for Employer of the Year by a number of customers after working in partnership with them to raise the level of BEMS knowledge among their mechanical and electrical engineers. We are extremely pleased we did get involved with the Awards as the recognition and connection with Young Engineers has been terrific.
Once we got started with the application (an easy process via the on-line form), we realised that the intiatives we implement to develop our own staff’s knowledge and skills were not being as widely adopted by the industry as we had assumed. Most of these methods (industrial placements/internships/mentoring/work experience) are readily accessible to all businesses all over the UK. However, maybe there is little knowledge of such schemes or lack of confidence to engage with them.
From our experience over a number of years, we have found that these College/University placements an…