Organising inclusive meetings and events - CIBSE Energy Performance Group

By Maria Spyrou and Lucy Pemble, Co-Vice Chairs, CIBSE Energy Performance Group (EPG)

Diversity and inclusion are important in all areas, but we have a unique opportunity as event organisers in the EPG committee to give a voice to those who otherwise might not have one. The committee provides a platform for all to facilitate and promote change in the energy performance of buildings. Diversity contributes to teamwork and it can only help us fulfil our vision. Inclusion in our meetings and events upholds diversity and therefore effectiveness of our committee.

We regularly hold committee meetings during the working day and ensure that there are dial-in and screen share facilities for every meeting.We have committee members share roles, and therefore share the time commitment.We use various means of communication, such as email, Slack, and more recently Microsoft Teams to keep everyone informed and involved in all the committee decisions. These channels have become invaluable for staying c…

A short interview with… Geoff Prudence, trainer of the new Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership course

CIBSE Training: Hello, Geoff Prudence and thank you for your time. We wanted to share with our CIBSE community more information about the course and yourself.  Geoff Prudence: Thank you. I'm really pleased that CIBSE is offering the Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership Course as this is a skills gap that is repeatedly discussed within the building services industry.
CT: Thank you. We want our Project Management courses to help people better plan, organise and control activities and improve their managing skills despite any upcoming risks or challenges. What are your thoughts on this matter? GP:It is often stated that people should be further supported and have more training before moving into their first management position, particularly in a technical environment.
CT: Then the new course should be a very good link to improve this transition. Speaking of the course, can you tell us more about it? GP: This course provides an introduction and overview of key aspects f…

Winning the Ken Dale Travel Bursary - #WeAreCIBSE

The Ken Dale Travel Bursary offers awards of up to £4,000 to CIBSE members who wish to spend 3-4 weeks researching a topic of their choice whilst travelling the world. This once in a lifetime opportunity is aimed at members in the developmental stages of their career and offers a unique chance to give back to the industry through research. Applications are now open for the 2020 awards until Friday 10 April.

To start our #WeAreCIBSE blog series, celebrating the people, networks and organisations that make CIBSE great. We spoke to our 2019 winner, Raphael Amajuoyi to find out what he has gained from the experience. 

Raphael is an Energy and Sustainability Development Consultant at Hurley Palmer Flatt, and was also awarded CIBSE Graduate of the Year in 2017

What first attracted you to apply for the Ken Dale Travel Bursary?

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the experience of doing my Master’s research dissertation. I never thought I would say this, considering the numerous hours spent in Lough…

Build2Perform Insider: The Importance of a Quality Lit Environment

This year's Build2Perform Live programme covers a wide range of themes for built environment professionals. In this week's blog, we speak to SLL Co-ordinator, Juliet Rennie on the sessions taking place around lighting across the two days. Not yet registered? Book your free place at Build2Perform today

The Importance of a Quality Lit Environmentby Juliet Rennie, SLL Co-ordinator, CIBSE

We’re living in uncertain times and our working lives face rapid transformation in the face of technological advances and political upheaval. There is an even greater need for cross industry collaboration whether in relation to building controls, fire safety, quality indoor environments or maintenance. Build2Perform provides an excellent opportunity for us to reach beyond the lighting industry, to emphasise the importance of a quality lit environment, alongside the other aspects of building services. We are delighted to see such a range of topics covered in the Build2Perform programme, including a …

Creating a positive learning experience: the online learning user journey

By Kathrine McMillan,Training Administrator 

Learning should be an exciting journey. However, sometimes it feels like a chore and people avoid spending time on it. 

I didn’t want this to be the case with our CIBSE online learning modules, so together with the training team, we aimed to create an interactive journey for our users and avoid giving them any reason to yawn due to boredom. 

Our CIBSE online learning modules are designed to be engaging. We added interactive elements such as quiz questions to the content. Making mistakes is a way of learning, but it is also important to know why something is wrong. That is why our modules link back to the relevant topic if a question is answered incorrectly.

Our updates also focus on making the content easier to read; breaking down topics into sub-topics, improving the flow and making it more organised and memorable.

Have you tried our online learning modules? They offer you a learning experience worth your time with no bored yawns, just smiles a…

CIBSE Inclusivity Panel: “If you build it, they will come”

by Mikhal Ahmed, Associate - Arup

CIBSE’s Inclusivity Panel recently published a set of guidelines to help our members get to grips with a complex but important topic: inclusion. The idea of wanting to treat our colleagues, clients, and industry partners more fairly should be easy to get behind, but practical implementation is a different matter. The guidelines were put together for exactly that reason, and communication is tackled first. 
Imagine you’re attending a design team meeting with three colleagues for a new office building project. Try to picture it for a second. Now I’ll ask you to imagine you’re there with your colleagues; James, Tom, and Alex. Can you see them in your mind’s eye?

Now imagine your colleagues are called Fatima, Eniola, and Lakshmi instead. Was one of those scenarios easier to imagine than the other? Depending on where you work, possibly. But in the context of our industry, the chances that you are working with an all-female team of MEP engineers who are all me…

Build2Perform Insider: Collaborating for sustainable performance

With less than one month to go until Build2Perform Live, we spoke to Mat Lown running the Optimising Facilities and Property Managementsession, taking place on Tuesday 26 November at 10.50. 
Collaborating for sustainable performanceBy Mat Lown, Partner, TFT 

Sustainable buildings are often thought of in terms of material used in construction and energy efficiency in operation. Less emphasis is given to the significant contribution of building services, specifically how their performance can be optimised to prolong their life and better cater for future change in our climate and occupiers’ requirements.

Standard practice currently splits responsibility and organises maintenance in silos, resulting in a disconnection between the work of surveyors, engineers, facility and property managers. I head up TFT’s Sustainability Consultancy, which works with all manner of technical specialists to reveal where better efficiency and outcomes can be found across a building’s life.

When it comes to bu…