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Guest blog interview - Bob Bohannon, the CIBSE TM66 LIA trainer

  The LIA (Lighting Industry Association) has recently introduced a series of remote training sessions on  Creating a circular economy in the lighting industry (TM66) . They are divided into two modules, endorsed by CIBSE, and are designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in utilising CIBSE's TM66 effectively. Bob Bohannon, the CIBSE TM66 LIA trainer, has shared his experience in teaching, TM66 and his background in lighting. What you can measure you can manage, TM66 is now enabling all sorts of organisations to either promote their sustainability, to take their first steps, or to demand sustainable products from their suppliers. - Bob Bohannon Tell us a little about yourself Bob Bohannon :  I ’ve been working in lighting for about 35 years and I’ve been privileged to work on some amazing buildings from St Pancras to the Iron Bridge and in all sectors from manufacturing, lighting design, volunteering for the Society of Light & Lighting and now being part of the in