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A Career as a Public Health Engineer

  As part of our  Career in Building Services  series, today we meet  Ben  who is a Public Health Engineer. If you have any questions about this career path, please contact SoPHE YEN at  or you can find your local YEN group at . Ben Goodfellow is a Public Health Engineer at WSP and the Chair of SoPHE YEN (Society of Public Health Engineers - Young Engineers Network). He studied Mechanical Engineering at University and has been in the field of Public Health Engineering for around 6 years working on many prestigious projects both in London and places further afield, including the Middle East. He is passionate about the built environment and its effects on community and wellbeing as well as promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) subjects and topics. What is Public Health Engineering? At its most basic level, Public Health Engineering is a discipline within the building services that focuses on the design of the systems that ena