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Kingspan Industrial Insulation delighted to support emerging generation at #CIBSEYEA 2019

Welcome to the next instalment of our #CIBSEYEA blog series.
The CIBSE Young Engineers Awards recognise and reward the innovative thinking, hard work and skills of graduate engineers, whilst also showcasing employers who are truly committed to developing and encouraging young talent.
These critical to the future of the sector Awards, delivered in partnership with CIBSE Patrons, are possible thanks to our dedicated sponsors and partners. 

Today, one of the established Award supporters, Kingspan Industrial Insulation, explain why supporting young engineers is vital to driving innovation and technology forward within the sector.
“It is a truly exciting time to be involved in our industry and we look forward to seeing another outstanding field of nominees at this year’s ceremony.”Read their full account below. 

"Young engineers entering our profession today do so at a time of unprecedented change. Modern building services are required to perform to increasingly exacting standards and must…

"I am contributing to education matters for the lighting industry" - #IamCIBSE

I am a Specialist Lighting Designer at Atkins & SNC LavalinI am Chair of the SLL Education CommitteeI am contributing to education matters for the lighting industry
Kristina Allison is a Specialist Lighting Designer at Atkins & SNC Lavalin, and Chair of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) Education Committee. We spoke to her to find out how she got involved in the lighting industry and the role she has taken on at CIBSE.
How did you come to work in this industry and be working in the role you are in now? Well, I studied interior design at college then went on to do a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design and then my Masters Degree in Furniture Design, it was only when I finished university that I started working as a Lighting Design Consultant. So, I’m like most people who work in the lighting industry who will tell you they ‘fell into lighting’! I really enjoyed the job, I was involved with lighting design and teaching, specialising in energy efficiency across the UK. I went …

"I am helping to lead and support a wide range of industry initiatives" - #IamCIBSE

I am a Regional Sales Manager at Lochinvar LimitedI am a CIBSE Patrons Committee MemberI am helping to lead and support a wide range of industry initiatives
Scott Mason is the Southern Regional Sales Manager and Central London Specification at Lochinvar Limited. He also sits as a member on the CIBSE Patrons Steering Committee. We spoke to Scott about the work of CIBSE Patrons and the benefits of being involved with them.
How did you come to work in the building services industry and what made you decide to do so? I wasn’t very academic as a student; at the time I found myself easily distracted and as a result received poor A Level results. I decided to get an apprenticeship, and I was lucky enough to end up working for Lochinvar Limited studying an “Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering” when Lochinvar supported my education through to degree level.
On being involved with CIBSE…. My involvement with CIBSE has provided an incredible platform that has allowed me to stand out, excel and ac…