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Peter McElroy, the Design of Heating and Chilled Water Pipe Systems trainer

The ‘Get to know your CIBSE Trainers’ interview series continues in 2022 and we’re starting this year with Peter McElroy, a new CIBSE Trainer for the updated Design of Heating and Chilled Water Pipe Systems course. Tell us a little about yourself  Peter McElroy: I am a chartered building services engineer. I have been serving clients in the construction industry since 2014. After graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BEng (Hons), I then completed my postgraduate studies in 2017 and was awarded an MSc in Building Services Engineering. Working within some world leading design consultancies, I was given the opportunity to work on major global projects across a broad range of market sectors. Consulting only ever tells one side of the story and my desire to immerse myself in the industry, led to a design role in a Mechanical and Electrical specialist contractor, giving me a wide angled view of Building Services Engineering projects from multiple perspectives. Taking the exp