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Effective disinfection with CIBSE recognised UV-C technology

The winners of this year's CIBSE Building Performance Awards highlight the excellent work being carried out by CIBSE and its members in helping to create a low carbon future. Winners of the Product or Innovation – Air Quality, Signify discuss their winning entry for the CIBSE blog below. Restrictions may be behind us, but we continue to live in uncertain circumstances due to the pandemic. As organisations adjust to this new reality, good hygiene practices have become a prerequisite in our everyday routines - in the home, office, and public spaces. The increasing demand for solutions that promise efficiency in destroying harmful bacteria and viruses have, in turn, opened up opportunities for tried and tested forms of disinfectants. Enter UV technology.  There are three types of UV radiation found in sunlight. First, there are UV-A and UV-B, which you may recognise from sunscreen labels. On the other hand, UV-C has a powerful germicidal property and is now stepping in to provide an e