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CIBSE HQ: A Commercial Green Deal Story - Part 2

Still inspired by @SophiePelsmakers “My Green Deal Journey” here is the second instalment of the commercial Green Deal story on the CIBSE buildings.   Due to non-availability of personnel a second visit by the Green Deal Advisor was required to complete all of the “lifestyle” questions.  This is something that both advisors and clients are going to have to try and manage better going forward. However, we now have our two Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Green Deal Advice Reports, one of each for each building. The first interesting thing is that despite the age difference and the differences in construction, their ratings were similar.  For the newer Building Services Centre the EPC was a D (81 Asset Rating) and the Victorian Delta House was also a D (88 Asset Rating). This demonstrates that it is possible to retro-fit older buildings to bring them up to a modern standard. However in both cases the EPC states that if they were newly built, both buildings would be B