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CIBSE Role Models - Tejiri Ayerume

To celebrate Black History Month, we're interviewing members of the CIBSE community to help inspire and promote diversity amongst future engineers. This week, we hear from Tejiri Ayerume, a Mechanical Engineer at chapmanbdsp.

My name is Tejiri Ayerume and I am a Mechanical Engineer. I got my Masters (MEng) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick. I did an elective of business in my final year, so the degree title is Mechanical Engineering with Business Management. I have worked in the building services industry for over a year now at chapmanbdsp.
What first interested you in becoming an engineer? 
While studying for my GCSEs at the Ursuline Academy Ilford I was often reminded that it would soon be time to choose a career path and therefore the subjects that would allow me to follow that path. My interest in engineering stemmed from an underlying interest in architecture and the design aspects of engineering. It was when I first read the quote “Necessity is the mother o…

A Career as a Digital Engineer

Michael is a Chartered Engineer and has been working as a Mechanical Engineer at Atelier Ten since graduating from the University of Leeds in 2015. More recently, Michael has taken on the role of Digital Lead at Atelier Ten. He is a member of the CIBSE Society of Digital Engineering (SDE) Steering Group and a member of the Digital Innovations working group. Michael is also a committee member of the CIBSE YEPG and looks after the social media
content for the group.
What do digital engineers do?
Digital engineers primarily work with data integration within the traditional design and construction process, also known as Building information modelling (BIM). There are many benefits to BIM, including improvements to coordination and communication, risk mitigation, cost certainty and ultimately better outputs. In addition to working with BIM, a digital engineer may also look at improving workflows and processes within their organisation, which could be something as simple as a new Excel tool.

CIBSE Role Models - Hakeem Makanju

To celebrate Black History Month, we are launching our new CIBSE Role Models series to help inspire and promote a diverse workforce in our sector. We'll be asking a diverse range of individuals from across the CIBSE community to share their stories and experiences. Today we hear from Hakeem Makanju, Building Services Manager at Transport for London and Chair of the CIBSE Home Counties South West Region.
My name is Hakeem Makanju; I am a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years experience in Building Services Design Consultancy and Facilities Management.
After graduating in July 1999 with BEng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (endorsed with Systems for Environmental Services), I progressed my career path as follows:
In July 2000, I was employed by Furness Green Partnership as a Graduate Electrical Engineer; and thereafter signed up to their in-house accredited graduate training scheme which formed the basis of my initial professional developmentIn July 2002, I went in se…

A Career as a Contractor

As part of the Young Energy Performance Group's (YEPG) “Career in Building Services” series, today we meet Abs, who works as a Contractor. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Abs has been in the contracting industry for 9 years. He started off through the structured apprenticeship route, going onto study a BEng Hons in Building Services Engineering at London South Bank University. 
He is currently working as a Project Manager and has taken several projects from inception to handover. His current project is an 8 storey office block in the heart of London. Abs currently serves as the vice-chair in YEPG and aids wherever is required, such as running events, liaising with external parties and ensuring the morale is always high!
Who are contractors? Contractors are companies that are usually appointed after the design stage to carry out the construction works, from inception to handover. It, therefore, means being more presence on-site compared to consultant eng…