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CIBSE Knowledge - Behind the scenes: an interview with Roz Burgess, author of 'Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens' (TM50)

  Welcome to the new blog interview series from CIBSE Knowledge:   'CIBSE Knowledge - Behind the scenes: an interview with....'   Today we are chatting to Roz Burgess, the lead co-author of the  Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens (TM50) publication, released earlier this year. Iulia Margineanu, Services Marketing Assistant:  Tell us a little about yourself   Roz Burgess :  Intelligent Catering Limited is an independent foodservice consultancy that’s been running for 12 years and provides practical designs, solutions and guidance for commercial catering operations. My practical experience is backed up with a Master's degree with distinction in International Management and Design Consultancy and my thesis was ‘An investigation into the energy efficiency of mid-level restaurant kitchens’. My focus is to create more effective and efficient foodservice units that can meet the increasing requirements and restrictions of buildings, operations and services. Baking of all ki

The future of CIBSE Training, an interview with Laura Ford, Training Development Manager

Wondering what new training opportunities are coming up? Laura Ford, CIBSE Training Development Manager, talks to us about her new role and future training plan. Iulia Margineanu, Services Marketing Assistant:   Hello Laura, thank you for making time to give us a peek into your work and let us know about upcoming opportunities to look forward too. How about we start with you telling us a bit more about your new role at CIBSE and what’s your favourite part about it? Laura Ford:  I started the role in January and have been implementing a quality assurance procedure to ensure we are focussing on bringing in new training content, new trainers, and of course, putting in place a revision of content we already have, to ensure we are delivering training that is of high quality, up to date and relevant.   CIBSE is at the forefront of the built environment and I have been keen to reach out to those who are making a difference in the industry, so they can share their knowledge by providing traini