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My path to engineering - Holly Farrow, CIBSE Patrons Arkwright Scholar

My journey into engineering began with my application to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship in Year 11. The Scholarships are awarded to 16 year old students who are interested in an engineering-based career, and seek to support the next generation of leaders in ‘engineering, computing and technical design’. Over the Christmas holidays, I completed an online application outlining my achievements and projects so far. I wrote about the chair I had designed and made with 52 biscuit joints and 9 sets of dovetails, and how the process had challenged my problem solving abilities. I also wrote about my interests in the backstage management of school productions, and the different sets and stages I helped to build. The application asked for examples of where I had shown leadership, so I wrote about a Christmas wreath making session I ran whilst volunteering at a local youth club. The application encouraged me to ask myself where I had shown creativity, leadership and practical abi