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A Career as a District Heating Engineer

As part of the Young Energy Performance Group's (YEPG) “Career in Building Services” series, today we meet Tom, who is discussing District Heating Engineering. If you have any questions, please get in touch at yepg@cibse.orgTom Burton studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge and graduated in 2018. He joined the FairHeat graduate the scheme in October that year and has been working on the graduate scheme there as a heat network engineer. Tom serves as the Technical Officer of the YEPG steering the committee, helping to organise discussion and network events and responding to consultations of key legislation.  What do district heating engineers do?District heating is the process of distributing heat from a centralised energy centre to residential and commercial users, providing energy for heating, hot water and cooling. This is a key technology highlighted by the government to decarbonise the UK heat sector and help meet the net-zero 2050 target. Engineers in this …

A Career as a Building Services Engineer

In the first of the Young Energy Performance Group's (YEPG) Careers Blog series, we hear from Rossella Perniola on her career in building services engineering. Rossella is a Chartered Building Services Engineer at Scotch Partners and the Chair of CIBSE YEPG (Young Energy Performance Group). She studied in Italy and has been working in the UK for 6 years, leading projects of various nature, size and complexity. Passionate about the impact that the construction industry has on the environment and on people, she is keenly interested in emerging R&D and actively engages in the climate emergency debate. What is building services engineering?Building services are systems that allow people to live in buildings comfortably and safely. These mainly include ventilation, water, drainage, electrical services, heating and cooling. Who can embrace this career?Many students never hear about building services engineering for a long time. In fact, many professionals join this industry from a di…

"Whatever grade you are, volunteer your time to participate with the Institution." #WeAreCIBSE

The #WeAreCIBSE campaign aims to celebrate the individuals and groups who collectively make up our Institution and keep it running. In this new blog series, we speak to members who are going above and beyond to give back to the building services community through their work with CIBSE. In this blog, we hear from Alan Lawrence CEng MCIBSE who sits on CIBSE’s Inclusivity and Diversity Panel.Tell us about yourself and your career?
I am a Consultant Engineer for Savills, a global Real Estate property adviser based in London, providing Engineering term consultancy advice and project management to Commercial and Retail properties across the UK. In my 30 years plus experience in the Built Environment sector. I have worked in a range of areas including Manufacturing, Design, Fast Moving Consumer Foods, Education, Healthcare, Private Finance Initiatives and Facilities Management. What do you do at CIBSE?I decided to seek a role at CIBSE as a part of my Business Performance Development Review. I …

Keep track of your employees’ development remotely

After the past challenging months, the world has started to embrace the ‘new normal’. Companies were focusing their efforts in adapting to the current situation in the short term but are now looking to the future to keep their market position ahead of their competition. This includes keeping your employees’ knowledge updated and skills sharp by providing them with training. But how can you keep track of your employees’ development remotely?Utilising corporate training offerings will enable you to monitor their development remotely and, thus, improve their work performance.1. Monitor performance. Online platforms enable you to allocate training modules and view your employees’ training progress. You can see which employees you have allocated courses to, and track who has started, and who has completed them. 2. Effective time management. Online learning training can be completed at your employees’ own pace. They can dip in and out of the training whenever they want so they can fit it wit…

Get to know your trainers: Gary Marshall, Electrical Services Explained trainer

Full name: Gary Marshall

Tell us a little about yourselfHopefully, I strive to be approachable and committed to others with recognised expertise and always easy to do communicate with and together we can share our expertise and experience and pass it on to others for the future sustainability of our environment and cities of tomorrow.I have over 30 years in the Building Services Industry and I have accumulated a vast level of knowledge and expertise, both technically, commercially.I am a very passionate individual and strive for excellence in every part of the Project build process. Attention to detail is key to the successful delivery of any Project.I have learnt and adapted a lot of the car production processes into delivering a first-class Critical Facility Project, resilient to multiple premature failure scenarios. I have split the whole design process down into more manageable sectors with specific professional experts in each individual field. I have also adapted techniques from …

Get to know your trainers: Kevin Noyce, Building Services Explained trainer


#WorldEnvironmentDay: Urban Biodiversity - The Need for Green Growth

To celebrate World Environment Day, we hear from Kirsten Johansen of CIBSE's Resilient Cities Group on the need for green growth in our cities:
The loss of biodiversity, together with the changing climate forms an existential planet emergency. Both for the world’s cities and economies. 
At the 2020 World Economic Forum – nature was top of the agenda. The precedence of this was set when the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystems report claimed up to one million species face extinction by 2050. 
Biodiversity needs to be fostered significantly more within the world’s cities. Over half of the population live within cities and it is important to understand the integration of humans and cities - it is our collective responsibility to ensure we include not only pleasant green and blue spaces, but living urban nature to include habitats for wild species.

Urban Design
The benefits of biodiversity within cities is profound. Current urban planning approaches typically consider…

What training looks like in this new ‘normal’

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation our ‘normal’ lives might seem like they are on pause, and our opportunities for personal and professional development have disappeared, however, CIBSE, as a leading authority in building services engineering, is still prioritising its duty to support its members, and the wider building services community, during these uncertain times. This is why CIBSE Training is focussing its attention on new online learning opportunities.
Virtual Learning. The CIBSE Training Team has been working hard to adapt your ‘classroom’ learning experience to the online medium, so you can still benefit from our knowledgeable trainers and valuable content. Virtual Learning gives you access to video-recorded sessions; supportive text, to enhance your learning experience; quizzes, to test your understanding of the course; and a CPD certificate upon completion. 
The virtual learning portfolio has been expanding, including courses from various key areas in building services, such…

HPA Blog for CIBSE from Futurebuild 2020

Heat Pumps: Essential to heating emission targets, NOW!

You can always find reasons not to do something! However, sometimes not taking action is not an option and this is the case with climate change. Yet there is a solution which can significantly contribute to huge reductions on carbon (& NOx & SOx etc) emissions from one of the largest emitters of carbon: heating systems. This is a technology that is available right now and in fact been around for decades!
With electricity grid carbon factors less than half what they were when the 2006 building regulations were drafted, and continuing to reduce, the ultra-low emission credentials of electrically driven heat pumps is undeniable, and therefore it is unsurprising that the Climate Change Committee places its emphasis on heat pumps to deliver the ‘lion’s share’ of carbon reduction in the heating sector. They are recommending 1 million heat pumps to be installed annually by the mid 2030s and 19 million in place by 2050. And yes, if…

"We deliver the essential services to allow NHS staff to save lives" - #WeAreCIBSE

Adrian Cairns CEng MCIBSE is a Building Services Director at BAM Construct UK. He recently worked as the Building Services Lead Engineer on the Nightingale Hospital for the Yorkshire and the Humber, helping to turn the Harrogate Convention Centre into a 500-bed hospital for COVID-19 patients in just twelve days.

As part of the #WeAreCIBSE campaign, celebrating the hard-work and commitment in the building services community, we hear about Adrian’s experience working on this life-saving project.

I am a Building Services Director at BAM Construct UK, working in the North East region and based in Leeds. I lead our in-house M&E delivery team for BAM Services Engineering. In this region we are a team of 45 M&E Engineers, Managers and BIM modelling staff. As a BAM Director, I also form part of the regional senior management team and get involved in all aspects of the construction process from project inception to tendering, procurement, design, installation, commissioning, handover a…

Organising inclusive meetings and events - CIBSE Energy Performance Group

By Maria Spyrou and Lucy Pemble, Co-Vice Chairs, CIBSE Energy Performance Group (EPG)

Diversity and inclusion are important in all areas, but we have a unique opportunity as event organisers in the EPG committee to give a voice to those who otherwise might not have one. The committee provides a platform for all to facilitate and promote change in the energy performance of buildings. Diversity contributes to teamwork and it can only help us fulfil our vision. Inclusion in our meetings and events upholds diversity and therefore effectiveness of our committee.

We regularly hold committee meetings during the working day and ensure that there are dial-in and screen share facilities for every meeting.We have committee members share roles, and therefore share the time commitment.We use various means of communication, such as email, Slack, and more recently Microsoft Teams to keep everyone informed and involved in all the committee decisions. These channels have become invaluable for staying c…

A short interview with… Geoff Prudence, trainer of the new Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership course

CIBSE Training: Hello, Geoff Prudence and thank you for your time. We wanted to share with our CIBSE community more information about the course and yourself.  Geoff Prudence: Thank you. I'm really pleased that CIBSE is offering the Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership Course as this is a skills gap that is repeatedly discussed within the building services industry.
CT: Thank you. We want our Project Management courses to help people better plan, organise and control activities and improve their managing skills despite any upcoming risks or challenges. What are your thoughts on this matter? GP:It is often stated that people should be further supported and have more training before moving into their first management position, particularly in a technical environment.
CT: Then the new course should be a very good link to improve this transition. Speaking of the course, can you tell us more about it? GP: This course provides an introduction and overview of key aspects f…

Winning the Ken Dale Travel Bursary - #WeAreCIBSE

The Ken Dale Travel Bursary offers awards of up to £4,000 to CIBSE members who wish to spend 3-4 weeks researching a topic of their choice whilst travelling the world. This once in a lifetime opportunity is aimed at members in the developmental stages of their career and offers a unique chance to give back to the industry through research. Applications are now open for the 2020 awards until Friday 10 April.

To start our #WeAreCIBSE blog series, celebrating the people, networks and organisations that make CIBSE great. We spoke to our 2019 winner, Raphael Amajuoyi to find out what he has gained from the experience. 

Raphael is an Energy and Sustainability Development Consultant at Hurley Palmer Flatt, and was also awarded CIBSE Graduate of the Year in 2017

What first attracted you to apply for the Ken Dale Travel Bursary?

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the experience of doing my Master’s research dissertation. I never thought I would say this, considering the numerous hours spent in Lough…