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Get to know your CIBSE authors and trainers - Louise Hamot & Clara Bagenal George

This October, CIBSE Training will release a new training course on embodied carbon -  Embodied carbon in MEP design: How to use CIBSE TM65 . The course is based on the popular CIBSE Knowledge publication  Embodied carbon in building services: A calculation methodology  (TM65) , and will be led by TM65 authors  Louise Hamot,  Global Lead of Lifecycle Research, Elementa Consulting and   Clara Bagenal George,  Associate, Elementa Consulting .   To celebrate the launch of the course, we’ve had a chat with Louise and Clara - to find out a bit more about their reasons for creating this publication and the associated course, and about what it takes to be a CIBSE author and/or trainer. Iulia Margineanu: Hello Louise and Clara, thank you for making the time to give the CIBSE community a chance to find out more about your work as CIBSE authors and future trainers. What are your building services area or areas of expertise? Louise Hamot & Clara Bagenal George : Net zero, embodied carbon, mech

David Butler, the Design of Ductwork Systems trainer

    F ull name : David Butler Area of expertise : HVAC Engineering (currently delivering Ductwork Design training) CIBSE Trainer since : 2021 Tell us a little about yourself I have recently retired from full time work at BRE (Building Research Establishment). I led a small team of HVAC specialists involved in designing and undertaking of physical mock-up tests, laboratory testing, site investigations and research and consultancy on the performance of building conditioning systems. This involved a range of practical problem solving and investigative skills covering conventional HVAC systems, including air supply and distribution, low energy and passive systems and heat pumps. Throughout my BRE career there was a continuous thread of dissemination of research and test information and knowledge through written reports and publications and oral presentations at seminars and conferences, including a fair number of CIBSE events.  Two of the most demanding but interesting projects I was invol