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CIBSE HQ: A Commercial Green Deal Story - Part 3 - DECs are the business

Digital Energy   have now completed the Green Deal assessment and produced the voluntary DEC certificates. We do not currently have an option to apply for Green Deal funding as we are now being told that this will not be available until early 2014 according to Mark Bayley, Chief Executive of the Green Deal Finance Company.   We will be ready when it is! In the meantime we now have current voluntary DEC certificates with an Operational Rating (OR) of 80 and up to date associated Advisory Reports giving us a comprehensive set of Energy Certificates for the CIBSE HQ buildings. The advisory reports have their limitations and have been widely criticised , but ours give us comprehensive advice on how to reduce our energy use by both improvements in our energy management and use of energy in the building, and fabric or system improvements.  Green Deal is just one funding method for