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A brief encounter with Sarah Walters, Membership & Accreditation Coordinator, CIBSE

There are two main sides to Sarah's role, managing the accreditation of university courses and coordinating the approval of company training and development schemes. Sarah is also focusing on the promotion of EngTech registration and the approval of apprenticeships and level 3 qualifications. What would you like to achieve in this role? As more and more graduates are coming into the industry, I would like to increase the number of CIBSE approved company training schemes that will expose the graduate to the competencies needed when applying for professional registration. On the university side, I think it’s important for CIBSE to expand its number of accredited courses by recognising more courses that could be relevant for our members. This can be a long process but by developing stronger relationships with universities and working with them on the requirements we can ensure that the courses will be fit for purpose. What is your favourite building project, and why?