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How in-house training could benefit your company

CIBSE has seen a sharp increase in the uptake of its in-house corporate training courses in recent years. From 2017 to 2018, the demand for CIBSE in-house courses being run more than doubled, leading to the number of  employees completing training soaring  from just under 300 to almost 2,000. The CIBSE Training Team has taken a look into why companies are choosing to train their staff in-house. Expert external trainers Experts in a particular subject are chosen by a trusted training provider to create and facilitate the in-house training. These trainers are selected for their wealth of knowledge and skills to conduct the training and tailor the course appropriately for the host company. This also means that all staff are trained on best practice principles for the given subject, which can be built into existing processes. The trainer will have experience of training other companies - often from within the same sector - which can feed into the training. Time efficie