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Passivhaus, schools and CIBSE TM57

Juraj Mikurcik (@JurajMikurcik), an architect at Architype's rural studio asked via Twitter why Passivhaus was not featured in the new CIBSE publication TM57: Integrated school design. Committee chairman Prof Dejan Mumovic, Deputy Director of UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, explains the reasoning.

Firstly, it should be stressed that the purpose of a CIBSE Technical Memorandum (TM) is to provide guidance on good practice for use by CIBSE members and others in the supply chain and by clients. A TM should provide guidance that can be widely applied using current technology.
There are impressive Passivhaus school projects –reflected in the CIBSE Building Performance Award won by Architype in 2013 for Bushbury Hill Primary School or articles in CIBSE Journal - but the numbers are limited and so there is currently a limited pool of evidence and of skilled and experienced people to deliver them. The view of the Committee for TM57 was that it would be premature for…