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Welcome to our #CIBSEYEA blog series.

The CIBSE Young Engineers Awards recognise and reward the innovative thinking, hard work and skills of graduate engineers, whilst also showcasing employers who are truly committed to developing and encouraging young talent.

These critical to the future of the sector Awards, delivered in partnership with CIBSE Patrons, are possible thanks to our dedicated sponsors and partners. Today, we would like to thank one of the long-standing Award supporters, Swegon, for joining us for the seventh year in a row.

"The Awards programme provides a procession of impressive candidates every year and so should give us all great hope for the future. It also demonstrates the many and varied routes into our industry that are now available to young people from all backgrounds."

We invite you to read below an inspiring account from Swegon's Managing Director, Robin Vollert, on how their ongoing association with the Awards confirms their confidence that the future of building services is in safe hands.

“We are delighted to be continuing our support for these important and prestigious Awards. Championing and investing in young talent is more important than ever for our industry, as we face a period of change and opportunity!”

Swegon Managing Director, Robin Vollert, with the current CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year, Reanna Taylor

The talented individuals we see each year at the CIBSE Young Engineers Awards final is incredible and confirms our confidence that the future of building services is in safe hands.”

Swegon believes that young engineers have a fantastic opportunity to lead the process of change in the industry thanks to their natural affinity with digital and ‘smart’ building techniques.

“There is a very good reason why building services now account for a greater proportion of the overall cost of construction projects – commonly between 35% and 50%,” said Mr Vollert. “This is thanks to forward thinking building owners and ambitious engineers, who are pushing us to deliver technologies that are delivering better comfort and health conditions inside buildings while minimising energy use.”

Forward thinking
Swegon believes the emerging generation of Engineers – represented by the finalists in the CIBSE Young Engineers Awards – will play an important part in moving the industry forward by bringing new ideas, working practices and embracing digital technologies to drive the change.

“From the Swegon perspective, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with engineers and get involved in the design,” said Mr Vollert. “It is our mission to support building services in delivering great indoor climate. We want to help facilitate that with our knowledge and experience – from start to finish of a project.”

The CIBSE Young Engineers Awards celebrate the industry’s best examples of young engineering talent as well as employers’ strategies for recruiting, nurturing and empowering young people and, therefore, helping to shape the engineering talent that will deliver these projects now and into the future.

 Have you or your organisation got what it takes to help realise this vision?

CIBSE Young Engineers 2018 Awards Ceremony, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, October 2018


About the Awards

There are two categories:

CIBSE Employer of the Year Award
CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year Award

2019 entries are now closed. Thank you for all your interest and participation.

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We look forward to hosting the 2019 Awards finalists at the exclusive Awards Dinner on Thursday, 10th October in London.

If you have any questions regarding the Awards, please contact us at yea@cibse.org


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