"I will forever be thankful to CIBSE for giving me this opportunity": CIBSE Student Bursary recipient shares his inspiring Technical Symposium 2019 account

As we say thank you to all the supporters and attendees at the CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019, hear from Timothy Newcombe, a successful recipient of CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019 - CIBSE-accredited Course Student Bursary, with whom we have had a chance to to chat onsite in Sheffield. It is a truly inspiring account emphasising the value of cross-sector expertise exchange and professional network engagement. 

Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to attend the CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019, as I was the recipient of a CIBSE Student Bursary. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and I cannot wait to utilise all the information I learnt alongside the contacts I made.

One of the main highlights of the symposium was a series of presentations by the Natural Ventilation Group in which they discussed methods of tracking and recording evidence of natural ventilation, attenuating noise within it and where to find documentation when trying to design it. Attending these talks was especially important to me as I am currently designing my architectural thesis project which includes a natural ventilation system for a Mega-Church building within the heart of Tottenham Hale, London. The new information and contacts I found will heavily influence the progression of my project.

Within my current Masters degree at the University of Nottingham, I am studying both RIBA accredited and CIBSE accredited architectural and engineering content. I believe that the meshing of these two, often unfortunately disconnected, fields is vital for the further advancement of efficient and comfortable built environments. The Symposium allowed me to talk to experienced academics, clients, consultants and more to further my understanding of how the skills I have learnt within my degree will be used for my future career at Cundall as a Graduate Engineer.

I feel that one of the main advantages I have gained by attending the Symposium is how much it has expanded my knowledge of different areas within the sector. The variety of the talks' subjects was vast. This is very exciting for me at the start of my career as it has offered me a glimpse into my future and the thrilling projects and developments which I may take part in. Furthermore, I feel that this new knowledge will help guide me into a career which will give as much back to me, as I put into it.

Another highlight for me was within the break and lunch times between the talks. This extra time offered me crucial networking potential, in which I made contacts which I know will serve me later in my career. Specialists have also offered to help me with any questions I have from University content I am covering, and how to utilise it within project work I am completing.

Overall, I feel that attending the exceptional CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019 in my final year of University study has set me up for my future, and I will forever be thankful to CIBSE for giving me this opportunity.

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About CIBSE Technical Symposium
The CIBSE Technical Symposium is an annual event featuring speakers and poster presentations from a range of disciplines. All papers and posters are peer reviewed. Anybody can submit a topic for consideration, which will then be assessed by a panel of reviewers to determine its suitability.

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Thank you to all 'CIBSE Technical Symposium 2019: CIBSE-accredited Course Student Bursary' applicants and congratulations to the successful Technical Symposium 2019 attendees. 


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