Creating a positive learning experience: the online learning user journey

By Kathrine McMillan,Training Administrator 

Learning should be an exciting journey. However, sometimes it feels like a chore and people avoid spending time on it. 

I didn’t want this to be the case with our CIBSE online learning modules, so together with the training team, we aimed to create an interactive journey for our users and avoid giving them any reason to yawn due to boredom. 

Our CIBSE online learning modules are designed to be engaging. We added interactive elements such as quiz questions to the content. Making mistakes is a way of learning, but it is also important to know why something is wrong. That is why our modules link back to the relevant topic if a question is answered incorrectly.

Our updates also focus on making the content easier to read; breaking down topics into sub-topics, improving the flow and making it more organised and memorable.

Have you tried our online learning modules? They offer you a learning experience worth your time with no bored yawns, just smiles and concentrated faces.

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