Get to know your trainers: Geoff Prudence, Effective Management of Operational Risk in Buildings trainer

The 'Get to know your trainers' series continues. Meet the trainer behind the new CIBSE training course, Effective Management of Operational Risk in Buildings:

Full name: Geoff Prudence C.Eng FCIBSE FRICS FIWFM MIoD
Areas of expertise: Design/Ops Impact, Maintenance Strategies, Effective Operational Risk Management, Leadership and Management Development.
CIBSE Trainer since: 2019

Geoff Prudence

Tell us a little about yourself 
I have been in the industry over 40 years private and public industry, including the banking sector, critical environments, large property portfolios, Transport/Rail Infrastructure, Local Authorities, District /Regional Government and the Education sector, with particular emphasis in recent years with leading change and business transformation. I have been active within CIBSE over 25 years, including being Chair of CIBSE Facilities Management.

What made you become a CIBSE trainer?
I have been a Director and senior level Tutor/Coach for many years within industry. I believe CIBSE needs to develop membership in the Maintenance/Risk, Leadership and Development, which are areas that I can help learners with, from my wide experience.

As a new trainer, what are you most looking forward to?
Engaging and developing as many attendees as possible.

What is your favourite part about your topic area? 
Helping people to develop to their full potential.

Why do you think that it’s important that building services professionals keep up with their professional development?
All professionals need to keep up to date with new developments and it is more important than ever now to develop Leadership and Management skills.

If you could invest in research in your topic area, what would it be and why?
To develop greater research in building services/controls and impact on workplace, physical and well-being including Mental Health.

If you could go back to your younger self when you started working in building services, what advice would you give yourself or would you try to change some of the decisions and actions done then?
I would have realised how important people engagement/skills are, but guess that comes with experience.

What would you tell someone who is just about to start or consider working in building services? 
Get involved wherever you can, ask for help and learn wherever you can. Find an area that you are really interested in and makes you Fired up, and enjoy every opportunity, you are at work along time.

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