Shining a new light (Part 2)

On October 1, in an event designed to showcase the talents of Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) members and the lighting community, teams of dedicated lighting designers shone a ‘new light’ on UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the UK and Ireland.

The Night of Heritage Light (NoHL) aimed to promote lighting as both an art form and a science by illuminating 9 World Heritage Sites in the UK and Ireland. Starting at William the Conqueror’s Tower of London, the NoHL worked its way up the country as the natural light faded.

This is the second of our two part preview of some of the stunning photographs captured on the night, showing off the stunning locations and, most importantly, the power of light!

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway, ©Don Kinghan

The Giant's Causeway, ©Gareth O'Cathain

Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire

Ironbridge Gorge, ©LITE

The Iron Bridge reflected in the River Severn, ©LITE

Durdle Door, Dorset

Durdle Door lit, ©Vicky Wharton
Photographers assemble at Durdle Door, ©Vicky Wharton

Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

The Edmund Gardner in dry dock, ©Kristine Petersone
The graving docks illuminated, ©Chris Lowe

Byward and Middle Towers, The Tower of London

The Byward Tower illuminated, ©Cehao Yu
The Middle Tower appropriately lit blood red, ©Rachel Ferriman


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