Overextended yourself?

Confused about the ESOS compliance deadline?

We have put together this handy guide below, which contains some good news for ISO 50001 users!

Environment Agency (EA) advice on 5th December deadline
If an organisation makes a late notification they would be expected to keep records in their evidence pack of their efforts towards ESOS compliance, including appointment of a lead assessor, prior to the deadline. If your organisation cannot comply fully by 5 December 2015, you will need to inform the EA of this by the same date via an online portal, giving information on why you have been unable to comply and when you expect to submit your notification of compliance. Details of how to do this will be made available on the DECC ESOS webpages and via the ESOS newsletter nearer the deadline. Such organisations are advised to do as much as they can before the deadline.

Subject to the above enforcement action will be deferred until 29 January 2016 or if the ISO 50001 alternative is being used 30th June 2016.

CIBSE Certification and ISO 50001 
ISO 50001 is an international standard based on the management system model of continual improvement also used for other well-known standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. This makes it easier for organisations to integrate energy management into their overall efforts to improve quality and environmental management and provides organisations with the requirements for energy management systems. The standard provides an internationally recognised framework to manage and improve their energy performance.

In addition to the widely recognised benefits of compliance with ISO 50001 such as cutting energy consumption and cost and reducing exposure to rising costs, the ESOS Regulations introduced in 2014 exempt energy use that is covered by ISO 50001 certification issued by a suitably accredited Certification Body.

CIBSE Certification Ltd is one of the first to be approved by the Environment Agency to operate a register of Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Assessors and already has trained professionals certified as competent to carry our assessments for qualifying organisations.

How to become a CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessor
The ESOS regulations require that the ESOS Lead Assessors be sourced from approved existing schemes run by professional bodies, such as the CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants register.

CIBSE Certification are UKAS accredited for the ISO 50001 Standard
For further information please contact us on 0208 772 3649 or email us at ccms@cibse.org or visit our website.


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