Shining a new light (Part 1)

On October 1, in an event designed to showcase the talents of Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) members and the lighting community, teams of dedicated lighting designers shone a ‘new light’ on UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the UK and Ireland.

The Night of Heritage Light (NoHL) aimed to promote lighting as both an art form and a science by illuminating 9 World Heritage Sites in the UK and Ireland. Starting at William the Conqueror’s Tower of London, the NoHL worked its way up the country as the natural light faded.

This is part one of our two part preview of some of the stunning photographs captured on the night, showing off the stunning locations and, most importantly, the power of light!

Blaenavon Ironworks, Wales

 ©Kenton Simons

Blaenavon Ironworks Balance Tower, ©Kenton Simons

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

Blenheim Palace, ©Steve Allum

Blenheim Palace, ©Steve Allum

Edinburgh Old Town, Scotland

Edinburgh old town, ©Robert Galloway

Edinburgh old town, ©Robert Galloway

Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

Fountains Abbey, ©Adam Glatherine

Fountains Abbey, ©George Hodlin
Come back on Friday for Part 2 of the exhibition, featuring the Giants Causeway, Ironbridge Gorge and more!


  1. Just fabulous, would like to see more about, who how and why :o)

    1. Hi Janet, we have more blogs about the Night of Heritage Light on the way in the coming weeks!

      Why not also check out the November edition of the CIBSE Journal, who have a 4 page feature on the night in the works?


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