CIBSE YEN Hong Kong trip - Day 4

This week, CIBSE Young Engineers Network (YEN) are in the enviable position of visiting Hong Kong to attend the YEN Conference, as well as meeting fellow engineers and seeing some of the amazing buildings the city has to offer. All week, we will be bringing you blogs and Tweets from the days - which you can see by checking out this page, and by following #YEN15 and #YENHK15 on Twitter.

Here are our Young Engineers' thoughts from Day 4!

Day 4

Jason Smith, FHP Engineering Services Solutions
So today takes us to Macau, the part of the trip I have been most excited about, as I knew we were visiting casinos! I'm not a bit gambler but after going to Las Vegas I became fascinated by the complexes for the their sheer size and complexity with many different activities going on at one time.

We arrived at the Venetian hotel and instantly it brought back memories of Vegas, and the similarities were clear, I was looking forward to having the chance to see the inner workings of the casino.

We were greeted by members of the building maintenance team and taken to the see the chiller plant room. The plant room was of a magnitude of which I have never seen! The room housed 26 chillers each capable of providing 14,000kW or 14MW of cooling and 7No. Heat pumps which provide the hot water generation for the building.

A chilled water pump at the EMSD plant

We were lucky enough to have access to see the BMS, which was probably the most intelligent system I have ever seen, we managed to deduce via calculations from the data available that 8MW of cooling was being provided to the casino at the time of our visit! This is quite an incredible amount.

The Venetian resort is currently set to be expanded with 3000 additional rooms being built, there is a capacity of 5MW available in the system to accommodate the expansion.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that one day I will get to work on a project of this magnitude.

Following our visit to the Venetian we were treated to a tour of the other islands of Macau. Macau is a former Portuguese colony, and this is clear to see from much of the architecture.

The cherry on top of the day was a visit to the newly opened studio city casino, with a brief visit to the plant rooms.

Today we will be attending the HK technical symposium, we hope that our presence at the event will show the engineers of HK that CIBSE is a strong global organisation full of young enthusiastic engineers.

Macau, as seen from the rooftops ©Adam Dent


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