CIBSE YEN Hong Kong – An Employer’s Perspective

As part of our coverage of the CIBSE Young Engineers Network trip to Hong Kong from Sunday 15 November, we are featuring a series of blogs from those on the ground as well as bringing you the best photos and social media activity.

In the run-up to Sunday, we spoke to an employer about why they are sending their young engineer on the trip. Steve Dixon, Director of JDP explains:

Why would an employer agree to allow a young engineer to take five working days to attend a conference in Hong Kong when we are very busy?

That is the question that we pondered over when David Mather asked if we would provide assistance to him so that he could attend the CIBSE YEN Conference in Hong Kong in November.

We already allow David to have time to attend CIBSE YEN events and to fulfil his role as Chair of YEN London and we have a policy at JDP of supporting the development of young engineers.   However, this would be different.

David Mather of JDP
Clearly it would help David to learn about the approach to M&E design in another country – is it similar to the UK or do they have a different approach which may provide him with fresh ideas?  It would certainly be a great opportunity for him to experience such a vibrant, urban environment.

It would also put David into a different business environment that should in turn both challenge and, hopefully, re-affirm the thoughts and ideas that he has developed throughout his career and education to date.  The conference programme and the opportunity to network with other young engineers from around the world would cause him to reflect on his current knowledge and probably help to develop his confidence further.

As we are endeavouring to develop our young engineers into rounded individuals, on reflection, we realised that this experience would benefit both David and JDP, and ultimately our clients.  And therefore the answer had to be to give David our support for this great opportunity.

We also recognise that CIBSE need the support of employers to achieve their agenda for the development of young engineers and, at JDP, we are pleased to play our part.


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