Dave Cooper provides an update from the CIBSE Lifts Group - Manchester Seminar

Following their Manchester Seminar in June, Dave Cooper, Managing Director of LECS UK provides an update from the CIBSE Lifts Group.

I have the great pleasure of attending many events and very often I come away thinking that was just so worthwhile; the CIBSE Lift Group Meeting in Manchester on 7 June 2022 was one of those. I made the trip up from London, having seen the agenda and knowing that the topics covered were so relevant to what is going on in our industry now.  

I was also delighted to present the CIBSE President’s message for the year. There were two main themes – evacuation lifts and professional competence.  

Nick Mellor presented the standards affecting evacuation lifts, explaining the relevance of BS9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildingsBS9991:2015 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings. Code of practice and BS EN 81-76 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts

Nick discussed the various methods for evacuation under discussion. This was superbly complemented by Adam Scott, who discussed the London Plan and how this continues to evolve, and is likely to have implications for other areas of the UK. 


Dr Gina Barney presented a very interesting paper about how the RTT formula can be adapted to evacuation lifts and their sizing. 

Three super papers that complemented each other so well. Starter, main course and sweet, I will leave you to decide which was which. 

I had the pleasure of a few minutes on the rostrum after Michael Bottomley opened proceedings to deliver the CIBSE President's message. I conveyed that the Building Safety Act was now on the statute books and professional competence within our industry was under scrutiny.  

Phil Pearson complemented this with a paper setting out his journey to becoming a Chartered Engineer. The message to take away from his paper is that if it’s hard, it’s worth doing. If I am allowed to be philosophical for a minute, I would quote the old saying, “A person that stands still in a progressing world is really going backwards”.


Experience is as relevant as academic knowledge. We all went away with the message that professional registration is important. 

Overall, this was a brilliant event, held in the wonderful surroundings of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce offices. 

I opened with my views, and I will close with them too. Going south on the train gave me time to reflect; the very fact that 36 very senior people in the Northwest lift industry made the effort to attend illustrates that the CIBSE Lifts Group should be congratulated for its efforts to expand activities outside of London. It continues to offer members high quality in-person content. 

It was both a joyful and educational event and I look forward to my next trip up. 

You can find out more about the CIBSE Lifts Group via https://www.cibse.org/get-involved/special-interest-groups/lifts-group 


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