Three simple tips to help you focus on your online learning

Learning on your own might prove challenging when you have to ‘find time’ for it, especially when it seems so easy to just ‘do it tomorrow’, or when you next have some free time.

Here are three simple tips to help you focus on your online learning and make the most of the experience.

 Create your comfort zone 

Creating a comfortable zone to learn in can really impact on your level of concentration. Make sure you consider the following elements:

  • Lighting. Is your lighting level right? Too bright and you can damage your eyes; too dim and you’ll start to feel sleepy You might also need to adjust the brightness of your computer.

  • Positioning. Wherever you choose to sit – desk, couch, bed, etc – make sure that you are sitting with support behind your back so that you are comfortable and won’t feel stiff on in any pain.

  • The Bare Necessities. Consider having a notebook and pen close, some snacks -fruits, biscuits and your water bottle so you can easily reach out for them if needed without having to move around too much and, thus, breaking your concentration.    

Remove distractions by creating a routine

Creating a routine doesn’t mean less flexibility for you, but a way to get yourself organised and mentally prepared for learning. You can even use your usual distractions, such as your mobile, to help you:

  • Do not disturb. Add set times in your calendar for studying so your computer and/or phone will notify you. You can also set your status to busy so that no notifications come through during this period. 

  • Put your phone away. If you are working on the computer you could also go for the easiest way to avoid any phone distraction and just turn wifi/data off and put it on silent. Regarding the computer, just make sure to have only your learning portal tab open.

 Set goals

Achieving a goal will feel fulfilling, but you could also reward yourself for the efforts with something you enjoy like watching your favourite show after finishing a small goal or even planning to do something fun when you complete your module/course. 

To make your learning journey more engaging, and help you acknowledge your progress, set goals to keep you on target. 

Since it’s flexible learning and some learning portals enable you to dip in and out of the learning experience whenever you want, you can set up flexible goals like finishing only a couple of paragraphs today or a whole section by the end of the week.

Ready to put those tips in practice? Browse CIBSE online learning and begin your learning journey


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