Get to know your trainers: Gary Marshall, Electrical Services Explained trainer

Full name: Gary Marshall

Tell us a little about yourself

Hopefully, I strive to be approachable and committed to others with recognised expertise and always easy to do communicate with and together we can share our expertise and experience and pass it on to others for the future sustainability of our environment and cities of tomorrow.

I have over 30 years in the Building Services Industry and I have accumulated a vast level of knowledge and expertise, both technically, commercially.

I am a very passionate individual and strive for excellence in every part of the Project build process. Attention to detail is key to the successful delivery of any Project.

I have learnt and adapted a lot of the car production processes into delivering a first-class Critical Facility Project, resilient to multiple premature failure scenarios. I have split the whole design process down into more manageable sectors with specific professional experts in each individual field. 

I have also adapted techniques from the gaming technology industry, and I can simulate the critical facility engineering services in an interactive game to prove its resilience before it is even built. This technology can be further enhanced and used for marketing and training purposes.

I like Clay Pigeon shooting, the arts, sculpture, fashion, walking / dog, cars, antiques, theatres, food and of course fine wine.

What do you enjoy most about being a CIBSE trainer?

I enjoy the interaction and sharing knowledge for the engineers of tomorrow.

Do you encounter any challenges as a trainer? 

I embrace questions and encourage students to ask, ask and ask again until they fully understand the concepts. The failure to understand lies with the lecturer, not the student, to communicate clearly and to adapt and present clearly, so that the students fully understand.

What is your favourite part about your topic area? 

We are living the 3rd / 4th Industrial revolution and none of the universities and colleges are teaching the current engineering methods and I take great pride in being able to share the knowledge and expertise with others, to make our environment a better place for our children and our children’s, children.

Why do you think that it’s important that building services professionals keep up with their professional development?

As I have said, we are living the 3rd / 4th Industrial Revolution and the only way to gain up to date engineering knowledge and current methodology is to attend CPD Classes, such as CIBSE, that are presented by practising engineering. The Universities and Colleges are now years out of date with the current trends and technological explosion we are living in today.

What would you tell someone who is just about to start or consider working in building services? 

For young engineers this is a very exciting time to enter the engineering world. Electrical engineering is evolving at an exponential rate and we are re-inventing and shaping the engineering solutions for the future. All of the current yardsticks and simple guides are out of date.

For young aspiring electrical engineers, you have an opportunity to re-shape the engineering solutions and contribute to tomorrows environment and our future cities.

Find out more about Gary Marshall’s training course: Electrical Services Explained.

Considering becoming a trainer yourself? Find out more.


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