A short interview with… Geoff Prudence, trainer of the new Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership course

CIBSE Training: Hello, Geoff Prudence and thank you for your time. We wanted to share with our CIBSE community more information about the course and yourself. 
Geoff Prudence: Thank you. I'm really pleased that CIBSE is offering the Introduction to Management, Communication and Leadership Course as this is a skills gap that is repeatedly discussed within the building services industry.
Geoff Prudence

CT: Thank you. We want our Project Management courses to help people better plan, organise and control activities and improve their managing skills despite any upcoming risks or challenges. What are your thoughts on this matter?
GP: It is often stated that people should be further supported and have more training before moving into their first management position, particularly in a technical environment.

CT: Then the new course should be a very good link to improve this transition. Speaking of the course, can you tell us more about it?
GP: This course provides an introduction and overview of key aspects for those on that transition journey, in a one day, supportive, group discussion learning environment.

CT: Sounds like a great new opportunity for our CIBSE community. Thank you for your time Geoff Prudence.


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