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The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers is launching its very first podcast, titled #Build2Perform and focused on discussing the latest events and ideas around building performance in the built environment. To introduce the first in a monthly series this week’s blog is by Matt Snowden, CIBSE Press and PR Executive, and co-host of the new show.

We at CIBSE are always looking for ways to bring you new and exciting content on building performance, and this week we’re proud to announce the first edition of our new #Build2Perform Podcast. My colleague Sara Kassam, Head of Sustainability Development at CIBSE, and I will be bringing you a new episode every month, with discussion on the latest news and views in building performance.

Alongside the podcast, we will also be publishing and accompanying blog (this month it's below the podcast!) that will contain more information on the topics discussed as well as links and images to help you learn more. The Podcast will be published in the first week of every month on this very blog, so make sure to keep an eye out for future editions. You’ll also be able to find it via Twitter by following the @CIBSE account, and by searching #Build2Perform.

Speaking of which, we’re always happy to hear your thoughts on anything you hear – from the podcast itself to the issues discussed. If you’d like to get involved in the discussion, or just think your friends deserve a dose of building performance chat in their lives, tweets and re-tweets using the hashtag #Build2Perform are most welcome!

NEW: You can now listen to and download the podcast directly from the iTunes library. Just open up iTunes and search #Build2Perform

Green Sky Thinking
In this first podcast we talked mostly about Green Sky Thinking Week, an event that ran from 25-29 April and was organised by Open City, a London-based architecture education organisation. Listed below are some of the concepts discussed, and where you can go to find out more:


  1. This is a great initiative, but why can't I access it through my usual podcast app so I can download and listen on the go?

    1. Hi Susie - this problem has now been fixed. If you search #Build2Perform on the iTunes app, you can listen and subscribe

  2. Very good initiative. Would be great if it was longer so as to cover more aspects of building performance, as I think there is a lot of scope for debate and discussion. Guests from industry or education would be good too

  3. Would be great if the podcast was longer in length. And maybe get some guests from industry and education


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