Drum-roll, please...

Announcing the arrival of a new feature designed to make shouting about building performance easier, CIBSE Communications Executive Matt Snowden introduces the shiny new CIBSE hashtag #Build2Perform, and explains what it's designed to do.

We have an exciting new development we’re introducing here at CIBSE, and I have written a short blog on the topic for you to introduce you all to our new hashtag:


Building performance is at the heart of what CIBSE does, and we’re passionate about giving building services professionals the tools they need to create the next generation of high performing buildings. We believe that through the work that CIBSE does by training and certifying professionals, carrying out research, producing knowledge, giving awards and speaking out in the press, we are  helping to bring a world of high performing buildings to reality.

Innovative new ideas are key to future building performance
As built environment professionals, you are well placed to solve some of the greatest puzzles of the next fifty years. Hundreds of global social problems from homelessness to climate change can be mitigated by the work you do, and that power comes with responsibility: We have a duty to do the best we can to create high performing projects, and put performance first.

So CIBSE does a lot of exciting things to further the cause of building performance but, as Fiona Cousins of Arup said in the CIBSE Annual Lecture, if we are going to save the world we have to go further than our own building performance to make that happen. We need to be evangelical about building performance, we need to be confident enough to call for better approaches to sustainability at the highest levels – to politicians, scientists, engineers and the media.

In order to make this easier, we have selected a hashtag that embodies this principle and acts as a call to action for building performance. It will tie all of the knowledge and opinion that CIBSE produces together in one easy to find place, and proudly states what we all want to see from the future of the built environment.

CIBSE brings together some of the foremost and influential experts on the built environment, including the Rt. Hon. Lord Deben (above)
CIBSE will be using the new hashtag on all content on Twitter related to building performance, and we’d like to encourage you all to use it too. Any content you’re sharing relating to CIBSE or building performance is welcome, and will help to increase our collective knowledge on building performance and make it more accessible for anyone who wants to learn.

But don’t worry, it will not replace any of our existing or yet-to-come hashtags you have been using so successfully in the past such as #CIBSEConf, #YEA or #BPA2016. I hope that you will find the new hashtag useful in making our building performance content more accessible, and more confident in nailing your colours to the mast and speaking out in favour of building performance!


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