2016 Building Performance Awards ring the changes

The Building Performance Awards have undergone a major shakeup for 2016, with the addition of new categories to the line-up. We explain the reasoning behind the introduction of the new awards.

Following the launch of another Building Performance Awards, change is in the air for 2016. We have made some alterations to the categories available to enter, with the intention of shining a light on some of the unsung heroes of the built environment.

We have introduced five new Project categories replacing the two ‘New Build Project’ and ‘Refurbishment Project’ awards with Project of the Year – Commercial/Industrial, Project of the Year – Leisure, Project of the Year – Public Use, Project of the Year – Residential and Project of the Year – Retail.

This decision was primarily driven by the sheer level of diversity that we experienced in last year’s entries, which make it extremely difficult to compare two projects from radically different sectors. The difference between a new-build shopping centre and, say, a hospital is just too great to make a fair comparison.

As a result, we came to the decision to re-organise the awards to include categories based on industry sectors to cut down on the level of diversity in each award. This should also give us much greater scope to recognise excellence in specific fields than ever before – making room for those projects who may have ordinarily missed out on recognition under the old system.

Where before there was only two awards each for new-build and refurbishment, there is now the opportunity to recognise outstanding achievement in key sectors. Projects which may have been overlooked due to the sheer number of applicants competing for a small number of prizes will achieve recognition, and sectors which may have been overlooked in the past will take centre stage.

To enter your product, team or initiative in the 2016 Awards, visit cibse.org/bpa.
The deadline for entries is 10 September 2015.

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