Why ‘building performance’ awards are so important

Iconic, attractive and eye-catching buildings are rightly awarded for architectural and structural brilliance. But what are they like to work in, live in, shop in or stay in? How much are they costing their occupiers to power? What impact are they having on our environment? Do they ‘perform’ as the design intended?

All of these questions are challenged by building performance awards and that is what makes them so important to our built environment and to society. Building performance awards recognise the project teams, orgnisations and products that enable new, refurbished and existing buildings to ‘perform’: to manage energy efficiently and provide a comfortable and productive environment for their occupiers.

So who should be taking building performance recognition seriously?
  • Architects because if you can demonstrate to clients that not only will their building look great and fit their image, but it will save money and boost productivity too over a sustained period, you’ll win more business.
  • Building services engineers and lighting designers because clients give contracts to those consultants who can prove their services designs work and deliver savings.
  • M&E contractors because you make those plans a reality so showcase your work.
  • Product manufacturers because you can gain independent endorsement of the quality of your products, gain unrivalled publicity (free-of-charge) and win more business as a result.
  • Businesses (and their estates managers, facilities managers and marketing departments) because you can benchmark your energy savings against others, showcase the work you are doing to senior management or shareholders and, vitally, you can demonstrate to the wider world (customers and potential customers) that you take managing energy seriously. This will position your business as ethically and environmentally sound and appeal to customers who share your values.

Building performance is increasingly important to all of our lives. It boosts productivity, saves money and saves the planet.

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