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Focusing on your priorities

Throughout your working day, you may often get the feeling that every task is both important and urgent, but stop and ask yourself are they all truly a priority?
It's essential that you're able to identify, amongst the various tasks that make up your workload, the ones that must be done immediately, those that can be delayed, and any which can be delegated or even dropped, meaning you must have the ability to prioritise.
The CIBSE Training Team has come up with 5 top tips, which will aid you in planning your tasks by focusing on your priorities, providing you with practical strategies to help avoid time management issues.
5 Top Tips: Always start with your most important tasks fitting in the more minor ones around them.Group similar tasks together to be efficient and save yourself time.Avoid delaying an important task until it then becomes urgent.Don't interrupt yourself by following all the way through with tasks.Plan tomorrow's tasks at the end of today in order to avoid…