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Increasing your productivity in a fast-paced world

Do you often feel rushed by urgent circumstances, quick changes and unforeseen events?

In a workplace where everything seems instant and management expect results almost immediately it's essential to learn from past experience then ensure sufficient time to complete your workload.

The CIBSE Training Team has come up with five top tips to help you improve your time management and define the mindset necessary to deal with productivity concerns.

5 Top Tips:
Schedule appointments in the calendar for your own workload, not just meetings, to ensure there's time for it to get done.Set aside time in your calendar to deal with the inevitable random unforeseen events.Avoid having multiple icons randomly spread around your desktop, keep them in folders instead, to save yourself time when looking for files.Think of your workload in terms of clusters of similar tasks split up throughout the day, rather than one by one, in order to not overwhelm yourself.Be proactive rather than reactive.By imp…